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Thursday, 14 February 2013

My Special Valentine

   I did not demand them but for nine years in a row I received roses on Valentine’s Day.  During those nine years my husband was part of a family greenhouse business that grew roses for the cut flower market.  I always appreciated these flowers, but there is something I appreciate even more.
   Since 2001, my husband has been giving me the same Valentine card every year.  Well, not exactly the same card.  You see, he adds a new 2-4 lines, often poetic ones,  to it each year. When he started this tradition, he instructed me as follows:
Please do not fail
To return this card,
But not in the mail
Now, each year I receive the card, I can reread the verses from the previous years and relive some of the circumstances that inspired those rhymes.  Words of affirmation are very meaningful to me and are the way I receive love the best.  I love it that my husband speaks my language!

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