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Friday, 17 April 2015

Luc was Born Today

During the month of April the picture to the left is appearing on bus shelters in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.  A full colour page is also being distributed to homes nearby the shelters.  The story I submitted for the back was selected.  Here it is:

Luc is very much a typical baby and yet like all babies he’s also extraordinary.  He has ten tiny fingers and ten tiny toes.  His face instinctively turns towards his mother at feeding time.   Even before his umbilical cord was cut, Luc used his breathing reflex; he is able to sneeze, cough, hiccough and thrash to keep that airway open.
   Today is Luc’s birthday, but his mother had been feeling his lively kicks grow stronger over the past four months.  The ultrasound images showed him developing steadily in her uterus.  The doctor confirmed a heartbeat at ten weeks gestation but told Luc’s mother that it had been beating imperceptibly for seven weeks already.
   Luc is in a very safe place now--at the hospital, in the arms of a doctor, nurse, his mother or his father.  But he has come from an unsafe place, legally speaking.  You see, up until the moment of his birth, Luc was not considered to be a person under Canadian law and thus had no legal protection if he was unwanted.
   Harming Luc is unthinkable.  He is vulnerable and beautiful at the same time.  He is dependent on those around him for everything he needs.  Because we can see him we know the type of care he needs, the same care each member of the human race requires as a newborn.
   Yet when we could not see Luc, except through fuzzy black and white figures from an ultrasound, Luc’s life was in jeopardy.  Every year in Canada about 85,000 pregnancies are terminated (approximately 950,000 in the past 10 reported years).  This figure exceeds Canada’s leading cause of death--cancer (2011 Statistics Canada)
   Isn’t it about time that our laws kept up with our knowledge of fetal development?  Only the Christian Heritage Party is committed to protecting the lives of even the youngest Canadians as well as the lives of the oldest and most disabled Canadians.
CHP Canada
‘Bringing Respect for Life and Justice
To Canadian Politics’

Christian Heritage Party of Canada

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