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Friday, 17 February 2012

Making Ends Meet

At times when I wonder how we will make ends meet, I call to mind an incident from 2005 when my husband was attending Bible College and working part-time at a retail store.  I was a stay-at-home mom.  We always had enough money for our regular expenses, but a trip to the dentist changed that.
   The dentist announced that I had six cavities to be repaired to the tune of $895; we had no dental insurance.   I felt very discouraged and low.  Here I was doing everything I knew how to keep our expenses as low as possible, and now I was the one who apparently had not brushed and flossed enough!
   That night my husband and I lay the problem before the Lord, praying that if he wanted my teeth fixed he would have to send the money from heaven.  We went to bed and slept without worry.
   The very next day when I went to the mailbox, there was a cheque for us in the amount of $1000, from someone who had no idea of the need.  After giving 10% back to God, this was exactly enough to fix my teeth.
    I know how dependent I am upon God; I live in providence place.

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