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Monday, 23 April 2012

The Accuser Foiled

I wrote this poem as a way of coping with a trial my family faced when I was a young adult.

On the ancient scroll of Job is written
Of a man whose ways and deeds were upright.
Indeed Job was blameless in the Lord’s sight,
Yet he was by Satan’s evil smitten.
Satan, then, mocks Job’s faith and righteousness,
“Of course he serves you—look how you bless him!”
God gives him leave but limits Satan’s whim.
As death comes near, will Job’s faith survive? Yes!

“Have you not seen my servants once again?
Their love and giving spirit have no bound.”
So too does Satan’s bombardment resound:
Amid grief and stress, faithful they remain.
The accuser brings ill to God’s elect,
Yet Christ will present them without defect.

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