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Friday, 4 May 2012

The Limits of Tourism

Recently I was telephoned and offered a resort vacation in Mexico for two adults and two children at 80% off the regular price.  I am always a skeptic of such offers, but this time I told the caller that even if it was legitimate I had no desire for a resort vacation in Mexico.  He then wondered if I would prefer Orlando, Florida or the Bahamas.  Call me weird, this type of vacation has no appeal for me whatsoever.  It is not part of my wish list for my retirement either.
   My best vacations have involved more than seeing tourist sights.  The beach is fine for a day, but after that I’d like to know what life is like for the people whose community I am visiting.  A road trip to Western Canada was made more meaningful by speaking with the local people in the places where they shopped and worshiped.  Even a weekend visit with family had added benefit to me because my son and I got involved in helping out with some of the farm chores.  

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