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Wednesday, 26 December 2012

Appreciating My Wardrobe

   They say that you don’t appreciate what you have until it’s gone.  It’s not that all my clothes are gone, but if you read my post on November 26th (My Outfit for December) you will know I’ve been wearing the same black skirt and sweater since December 1st and intend to continue until the end of this month. 
   This was all about making myself aware of the plight of people so poor that they may need to wear the same thing everyday, and may not have the resources to wash it as frequently as I could.  Besides being more grateful that I have many outfits to choose from starting on January 1st, I have also learned the following:
  • I have an addiction to variety.  This month I was more conscious of selecting different footwear or jewelry since the basic outfit was already set.  Since this clothing was all black, I added a colourful scarf I already owned to the ensemble as Christmas approached.
  • I chose this outfit because it would not look out of place at school or church.  However, I did feel a bit overdressed during a visit to my sister’s house and at a casual Christmas get-together.  
  • I was reminded of my own mother’s experience growing up in Holland.  My grandmother would buy three matching dresses for three daughters close in age.  My mother was the youngest of the threesome and would wear the same dress to school each day until it no longer fit.  Then, she would wear two more identical dresses passed down from her older sisters until the cycle would begin all over again.
  • When I was ready for bed, washing my clothes by hand was an extra chore I didn’t always count on.

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