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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Author Profile: Eric Walters (b. 1957)

   Most of the fiction books I choose to read are those written for children ages 10-15 years of age or those with a “young adult” designation.  I’ve found these books most enjoyable because I don’t have to worry about bad language, violence or sexual content.  The best author I have found in youth fiction is Canadian Eric Walters.  His writing is authentic; for example, when he wrote about a young man’s trek in Just Deserts he first experienced a similar trip for himself.  Canadian history comes alive when Walters chooses this backdrop for his story.
   Another thing  I appreciate about this Canadian is his heart for Kenya.  He has developed a charity that partners with Africa Inland Mission to reach children in need through the Creation of Hope.
   In 2011 I set a goal of reading every book that Eric Walters had written, but I am now at 59 out of 77.  Since he continues to write at an incredible pace, it is difficult to keep up with him!  I’d like to review three of my all-time favourite Eric Walters works: 

Camp X Series (2003-2010), which includes Camp X, Camp 30, Camp X: Shell Shocked, Camp X: Fool’s Gold and Camp X: Trouble in Paradise

   These exciting stories of two brothers (George and Jack) occur in the midst of World War II espionage.  The historical events at the base of these works of fiction are fascinating, and the author cleverly builds suspense in each novel.  I also feel a strong connection to these stories because the site of Camp 30 (Bowmanville, Ontario) was down the road from where I lived for almost ten years. 

Elixir (2006)

   This story is based on the discovery of insulin by Sir Frederick Banting and his associates in the early 1920’s.  Through the eyes of twelve year old Ruth, it deals directly with the issue of using animals for medical research and shows personal glimpses of the scientists involved in this life-saving scientific breakthrough. 

Shattered (2007)

   Eric Walters deftly brings together a teenage boy from Toronto, a homeless man and the Rwandan genocide in this novel.  It opens the door for the reader to gain international understanding and compassion instead of quick judgment.  Highly recommended!


  1. Caleb has just finished the Camp X Series.
    He loved them and passed them on to his cousins!
    Apparently he does school visits; I was going to see if he is willing to come to Sarnia to my kids' school.

    1. Yes, we have had him and he was amazing. He goes all over Ontario and beyond.