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Friday, 6 March 2015

Guest Post by Samuel: The Fable of the Fox and the Hare

I am grateful to Samuel and his parent who gave me permission to share this original fable he wrote for my Grade 4 writing class.

The Fox and the Hare

    One day the Hare skipped around the forest. It was peaceful during that day, until the Hare ran into the Fox.
   “Good morning Hare,” said the Fox
   “Good day to you too,” said Hare.
   “Do you know anywhere to eat?” replied Hare.
   “Well, there is one place I know where to get food,” said Fox.
   Where?” said Hare. 
   Then the Fox replied, “In the bear’s cave.”
   The Hare asked, “How did you get the food from the Bear?”
   Then Fox replied, “The Bear always goes hunting in the afternoon, so when the Bear has a nap after hunting I can go in and sneak some food.”
   Hare said, “Can I try?” 
  “Sure,” said Fox.They both went off to the Bear’s cave, and Fox told Hare to go in quietly, “Hurry up or the Bear might hear you!”
   The Hare rushed inside without listening to the Fox and snapped a twig which woke up the Bear.
   The Fox thought in his mind, “This is perfect; I thought this would happen.”
   The Bear started to growl and scared the Hare. The Hare tried to run away, but the Bear chased him. 
   The Fox hid behind a rock outside the cave and then entered the cave. It was safe for him to eat the food, which he did while watching the Bear chase the Hare.

             Lesson: Never believe everything you hear.

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