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Monday, 25 May 2015

Words Left to me in Eighth Grade

   In eighth grade I wrote a book report that went on beyond two pages.  I was so excited about the content that I shared many details.  Even though I no longer remember which book the report was about, I do remember the teacher's comment.  He said, "Harriette has to learn the meaning of the word concise."
   This is blog post #300 since February 2012 when I began with providenceplace.  In general, my posts are not long-winded.  I would rather divide a piece into parts than burden my readers with something that goes on and on.  Could it be that I'm still trying to show Mr. L. that I've learned the lesson he wanted me to learn?
   To be honest, many teachers and critics have made me the writer I am today.  I think of one of the many Mr. V's who taught me.  This English teacher read two of my essays out loud as a model to the class in my senior year of high school.  While I was flattered, I was also very embarrassed. Therefore, when the third essay came along I somewhat purposely fumbled in my flow of words.  Later on, in university I was determined to study political science, but my English professor Dr. L. highlighted my gift for writing and literary analysis.  Thus, I became an English major.
   I am indebted to my many teachers whenever I put pen to paper or fingers to the keyboard.  Thanks for pushing me to the next level!

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