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Saturday, 14 May 2016

Conspiracy Uncovered

   Three years ago at this time, the first arrest was made in horrific murder case in Ontario, Canada. As the trial now heads into its fourth month in a Hamilton court room, I looked back in my journal entry of May 18, 2013 to see that I made a connection to Psalm 64 amid these events.
   Psalm 64 documents the conspiracy of wicked people against the psalm writer.  These wicked are callous and cavalier.  They presume that neither human authority nor deity will hold them accountable for what they are doing.  However, the psalm writer also notes that God will have the final word.  He will not let them get away with evil, and points out that "their own tongues will ruin them."
   The following is what I wrote three years ago:
This week we saw the painful result of a wicked conspiracy.  Three or more people plotting the downfall of an innocent man.  One has been caught; the others remain at large and as yet unidentified.  Lord, give the police all the tools they need to catch up with these evil doers.  You know where they live; please let them be brought to justice before another victim is involved.
Lord, "turn their own tongues against them" and bring them to ruin:
  • what they said on the phone
  • how they boast to others about what they've done
  • how they have maligned You and those made in your image.
Let people seek You out in this unspeakable tragedy.
As the trial has unfolded, I have seen these prayers begin to be answered.

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