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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Chasing After the Recycling Truck in the Rain

This post is more light-hearted than most.  I hope it makes you smile.

Yesterday was garbage and recycling day on my street.  I am grateful for curbside pick up because during my childhood people had to take things to the landfill site themselves.  I am a fanatic about minimizing the amount of the waste from my house goes to the landfill, and I hate seeing litter along paths and green spaces.
   Earlier this week I spent some time cleaning up some of cans, bottles and cups I found in my neighbourhood, so I ended up with more recyclable items than my blue box could hold.  After the recycling truck had collected on the opposite side of the street I conscripted one of those empty bins to put my extra bottles and cans into, with every intention of returning it to the owners before they would even notice it was missing.
   It took a while for the recycling truck to make its way back, and it started to rain harder.  Then a black pick up truck parked in front of the curb and apparently obscured my recycling bins from the view of the recycling truck driver.  In dismay, I saw the truck drive past, leaving not only my bins but also those of my next-door neighbour.  I ran outside and told the driver that he missed something and that I would bring them to him.  Four trips back and forth and a flattened hairdo were a small price to pay for the empty recycling bin that I promptly returned across the street.

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