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Thursday, 9 August 2012

Minivan Not For Sale

Until about a year ago I was eager to get rid of what I called our “clunky van.”  I felt bad about driving something so big (having three more seats than passengers) and so costly on gasoline.  We have driven it almost 10 years, and it was already 5 years old when we purchased it.  The power windows no longer work, and the seat belt buckle is flopped down on the floor instead of at hip level. 
   Nothing about my 1997 GMC Safari has changed since then except its age, but now I am satisfied with it in a new way.  I started to see all the positives of our only vehicle and it came to be quite a list:
  • It is paid for
  • It has allowed us to offer rides to our children’s friends and be helpful when carpooling for church events
  • It has very little rust
  • It has less than 200,000 kilometres on it
  • It has adequate cargo space for camping (no trailer or roof carrier required)
  • It is reliable and has always passed emissions tests
  • Because of its age, it has reduced insurance costs
  • It took our family all the way to Alberta and back last summer with no break downs
   It’s amazing how attitude makes such a difference in how we view something!

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