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Saturday, 24 November 2012

Newsletters That Inspire

In my mailbox this fall, I received two newsletters I found quite inspiring.   
   One is entitled Breaking Bread and comes to my home twice per year.  It told the story of a Malian widow named Sara Doua who was blessed with a food ration from the Canadian Foodgrains Bank.  The food that would last her family about 2 months consisted of three staple items—135 kilograms of maize, 25 kilograms of beans and 9 litres of oil.  She is grateful the food and for the new dignity that comes from not having to ask her neighbours for food.  I found this story inspiring because it showed me true gratitude.  She is grateful for the same basic meals everyday for two months, when I would probably be grumbling about a lack of variety.
   The other publication was fittingly called Get Inspired.  It is produced by edu deo ministries, which helps build Christian schools in developing countries through partnerships with Canadians from all walks of life.  A little picture caught my eye with the caption “SAME DRESS.”  I later went online to find out more.  A young woman named Brittany McDonnell decided in November 2011 to wear the same black dress for a month (except as sleepwear) in order to raise awareness of poverty and funds for this charity.  She also fasted from shopping for clothing during that period.  I am highly impressed by her creative idea!  You can read more about it by going to this link: www.edudeo.com/blog/nov-15-2011-transforming-livesone-dress-at-a-time
   When you receive newsletters from charitable organizations, don’t just think of them as appeals for money.  There is much to learn!

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