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Saturday, 23 February 2013

A Prayer for Families

This is a prayer I wrote and then spoke for a special prayer service at the local church I attend.  If you choose to pray it, think of specific people you know that fit the various categories.

Heavenly Father,

   We acknowledge your loving design in placing us within families.  Thank you for the secure environment many of us have experienced in childhood as our parents raised us with an awareness that You are Lord of all.  We praise you for the memories built in our homes and for the everyday conversation we can have over meals and chores.  We are grateful for ways to keep in contact with our loved ones who live far away.
   We confess, Lord God, that our homes do not always exemplify the harmony we long for because we are broken people.  So many pressures threaten to pull us apart, and our selfishness often makes us insensitive to the needs of others.  Guide us by Jesus’ humility and giving nature to care for one another.  Please make us quick to admit our faults and willing to forgive.
   We ask for your nearness on behalf of those who live alone.  May their friends and communities be attuned to their needs.  Make yourself known as their constant companion.
   We pray for parents caring for their young children day and night and through illnesses that require extra care.  Grant them loving endurance and needed rest.
   Please be with families facing worries about the future and financial pressures.  Provide peace of mind and wisdom to move forward in faith, we pray.
   Merciful Father, please give Your special strength to families where there is a heavy burden of care giving.  Please give loving patience to the caregivers and needed support so that they will not be overwhelmed by the task.
   We ask for your grace to be given to single parents.  Their task is enormous, so please show us how we can support and encourage them.
   We pray for couples experiencing the pain of infertility.  Please make a way for them to receive the desire of their hearts.
   Please guide couples who are growing apart.  Give them the courage to seek help and the willingness to work at their relationship.
   For the sake of our witness in the world, Heavenly Father, please strengthen all our homes and families.
   In Jesus’ name we pray, Amen.

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