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Saturday, 2 March 2013

Career Days

Career Days

   During the typical career day students are given a real-life experience of a particular job in order to help them decide if this is something they would like to pursue as a career.  Can a 40-something also have career days?
   During the past 10 days, through “helping out” I have also had real-life experience of three different occupations, namely janitorial work at a school, delivery work in my neighbourhood and assembly production of wooden skids.  These tasks are not part of contemplating a career change, but I certainly learned a thing or two:
  • I have a greater appreciation for those who clean public spaces.  There is a dignity in removing dirt and making things sanitary, even if it is often overlooked.
  • I now know what it’s like for my children to deliver flyers three days per week after school.  It takes time, and when people have not shoveled their sidewalks it is a challenge to push or pull the cart.  Letter carriers face some of the same issues, day in and day out.
  • Constructing a useful product to raise money for my son’s school beats selling something that nobody wants to buy (overpriced chocolate bars, magazine subscriptions, etc.).  Working in a team atmosphere made it enjoyable too!

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