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Saturday, 11 May 2013

A Tribute to my Mom

   One of God’s great provisions is the design of a home with a mother and a father.  Yes, our homes have also been tainted by the brokenness of sin in our world.  Nevertheless there are many good things that I can celebrate today about my mother.  She is a wise woman who has set a good example for me to follow.  I will highlight just four qualities that set her apart.


At the age of 25 she accepted the marriage proposal of a man who lived across the ocean and came to live in Canada.  She spoke only Dutch at the time but trusted that God was guiding all these events.  She became a farmer’s wife and a valued partner in the business of raising livestock.


Her relationship with my father was marked with respect and love.  At times when she needed to be the strong partner, she was a source of care and encouragement.  She never let bitterness take over when there were disappointments and trials.  She and my father have been married over 43 years, and they are adjusting well to their retirement together.


Something my mom told me she learned early in her marriage was the need to be flexible.  Farm life is not always predictable; in the middle of the day your plans may need to be changed because something urgent has come up.  As well, people of all kinds regularly showed up at the farm without prior notice.  My mom learned to welcome them graciously, offering them her time and often a place around the table.


My mom is the queen of sharing.  When she receives something good, she does not keep it to herself.  When she comes to visit, she brings something out of love, not obligation.  When we visit with her, we never leave empty-handed.  She knows that you cannot out-give God, the true Provider.

This Mother’s Day go beyond the Hallmark clich├ęs and let your mom know at least one specific thing you admire about her.  If your mom has passed away, tell a good friend what she meant to you.

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