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Monday, 6 May 2013

Never Too Young To Give

   I know that at least one of my children reads my blog, so today I thought I would more publicly honour my children for some of the different ways they show generosity.  I am so proud of their desire to be a blessing to others.  The schools my children attend and the youth group my son is part of have played a large role in cultivating this generous spirit.  The students are given the opportunity to be involved in service projects from a young age and see the impact they can have.


In the past few months each of my two daughters grew her hair long enough to donate 8-10 inches of it to an agency called "Angel Hair for Kids".  It provides wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness or treatment for an illness.  My girls had seen others their age donate their hair; they, in turn, have been an example for others.


My children earn a weekly allowance and share a flyer delivery route that pays them a chunk of money each month.  Regularly, they are setting aside money to give to others in need.  Without being canvassed herself, one passed me a handful of loonies and toonies to add to neighbourhood donations for the Canadian Cancer Society.  Another pays for 50% of the cost of sponsoring a child in the Dominican Republic each month.  My children often ask what cause the church offering will be going to and then make their own contributions.


In Ontario, Canada high school students are required to do 40 hours of voluntary community service in order to graduate.  My son earned this many hours in his first semester of 9th grade because this is part of his way of life!  My younger daughters are not waiting until high school to give their time to those in need.  They take turns volunteering at my husband’s workplace when they have PD days.  Helping in the church nursery is another way one of my daughters gives of her time.

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