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Monday, 17 June 2013

Anatomy of a Decision

We all make little decisions each day about how we will live in God’s world and respond to the blessings and challenges we receive.  Recently I decided to join a group of people planning to go on a 10-day service trip to the Dominican Republic in early 2014.  I consider this a fairly big decision since I have not taken an airplane trip in nearly 16 years and have never been to a country considered “poor” or “developing.”
   How is it that I came to this point?  Usually there are a number of factors that lead us to a particular choice.  For me, these were all part of taking this step:
  • In past years, when similar teams had gone to Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize, I supported them with prayers and was always so inspired when they returned and shared the things they had done.
  • Edu Deo Ministries, the organization we are going with, partners with Christian schools in developing countries in an empowering and honourable way.  We do not come as experts but as servants to help with construction.  We adapt ourselves to local customs and living conditions.  There is opportunity for authentic interaction with students, teachers and their families.
  • In March I felt led to reduce my teaching load for the coming school year.  Because I will be working fewer days per week, it is easier to take the necessary time off.  When I approached my principal about taking this trip, he was encouraging.
  • My children and husband supported the idea and will be able to manage without me for the time I am away.
  • When I attended the initial information meeting, those present made me feel welcome.  Many of them had been on at least one such trip before, and the fact that they would go again spoke to the positive experiences they had.
  • It is going to be an opportunity to grow in my faith, even for the matter of trusting God to provide the necessary funds.  Since I took the step of committing myself, some of this has already begun!

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  1. That's so exciting! I think it's fabulous that you'll be going on a short-term missions trip, and I hope that this will bring you closer to Jesus and His heart for the world.