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Friday, 14 June 2013

Best Quotes from my Husband

I appreciate my husband's wisdom on a daily basis.  Here are what I consider his best quotes.

“It doesn’t matter where you go, it’s who you’re with.”
This philosophy guided our dating and planning for a honeymoon.  We still did many interesting things, such as visit the Art Gallery of Ontario, took hikes, ate out, went to live theatre, and so on.  But even if the event did not live up to expectations, we were still together and built memories.  Our honeymoon to the Grand Canyon had its share of hiccups, including a mix-up with hotel reservations and a ruined roll of 35 mm film, but we were there together.  That made all the difference.

“If you lose something, start cleaning up.”
Sometimes we turn the house upside down looking for one item.  A wiser approach, I have learned, is to begin tidying things up.  When you find your lost item in the process, you can also be pleased that there is now less clutter in the home.

“A household can never have enough spatulas.”
This may sound odd, I know.  The spatula he is talking about is a rubber spatula, which is fantastic for cleaning out food containers ranging from a margarine tub to a jam jar.  Using a spatula prevents wasting food.  A young woman who is boarding at our house for the summer quickly noticed how intentional my husband is about thoroughly cleaning out pans of food.  We have three rubber spatulas, but that is sometimes not enough when they were used at breakfast or during cooking.

“Whatever you have agreed to do, do it well”
It can be easy to say you’ll do something, but if you don’t follow through it is useless.  My husband regularly holds me accountable to do the things before me “well.”  Adding new duties and activities can spread us too thin, making us unable to give our best efforts to everything.

“90% of behaviour problems in children are due to lack of sleep”
Because my husband instinctively knew this, set bed times were part of the family routine for our children.  Kids staying up until they fell asleep on the couch was not part of our lives, nor was taking them shopping at night. We knew our children were getting enough rest if they woke up on their own, waking up happy. Even now when our children act unreasonable, earlier to bed is often a better remedy than arguing or grounding.  For more about this topic, see my post The Gift of Sleep . 

“If it’s the right thing to do, the money will be there.”
When decisions were being made about enrolling our children in Christian school or donating more than usual to a need we became aware of, this was one of our guidelines.  When we made this right thing a priority, God always provided more than enough to meet the need.

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