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Friday, 19 July 2013

Baby Saved by Scissors

About six months ago a friend shared the story with me via Facebook about an infant born in Britain named Maddalena Douse.  Since I am a collector of stories that show God’s providence is at work in everyday life, I have not been able to forget it.  Now is the time to share Maddalena’s story, as she approaches her first birthday.
   Little Maddalena was born at just 23 weeks gestation, and in Britain the guide for doing all you can to save a premature baby is that it must weigh at least 400 grams.  She looked tiny and it surprised the doctors that she exceeded the minimum weight.  Once they had attached her to a ventilator, they noticed that a pair of scissors had been left on the scale and that it had accounted for her weight.
  Just before Christmas in 2013 Maddalena went home from the hospital, still small but no longer requiring the special care she’d needed before. 

   When I read the articles in both The Daily Mail and The Sun there was, predictably, no mention of God’s providence regarding this event.  Think of the biblical book of Esther, which likewise does not mention the name of God even once.  In both these instances and so many more, with eyes of faith we can see that God is all over the story.  He had a very special plan for Esther and no doubt he also has one for Maddalena.

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