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Monday, 15 July 2013

Getting the Whole Story

When I watch the television news I often have the feeling that the something is missing from a particular story.  Despite their attempts to be objective, reporters cover only the aspects of the story that resonate with them or that they think will resonate with the viewers.  A recent example was the coverage of the Thank You Video from the three Ohio women who had been held captive for years and were freed in May of 2013.
   Last week the news report that I happened to see inserted clips of the statements made by Amanda Berry,  Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight.  These women expressed sincere gratitude to the public and appeared confident on camera.  That they did not speak out in anger at the man who abused them was striking to me.  How could these women begin to recover so well from their ordeal unless they had a deep faith in God and his ability to heal them? 
   I decided to watch the entire video, which was only three and a half minutes in length (click on the link above to see it for yourself).  The part that the news station had decided to leave out was Michelle Knight’s powerful witness to the fact that she is leaning on God and that she trusts him to do justice in this situation.  She is not allowing herself to be filled with hate but is grateful for her “brand new life.”  Maybe they thought she was too preachy, but she of all people should have the right to share what is strengthening her.  God is the key  to her coping with the horrible experience that could have caused her to give up on life itself.

Have you ever noticed the faith angle to be missing on the mainstream news?  If so, please share.

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