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Monday, 23 September 2013

Prayer for the Persecuted

   Dear Father in heaven,
   My brothers and sisters around the world are suffering so greatly for the sake of your name.  Today the situation in Kenya made the mainstream news but so many are afflicted in obscurity, with nobody to empathize or advocate for justice.  And yet they entrust themselves to you.  Strengthen the believers who feel all alone, who have been removed from family members or who live in hiding.  Enable them to know your presence, through Your Holy Spirit.  Let your word hidden in their hearts guide and sustain them.
   Let the persecutors no longer think that by their actions they are doing a service to God.  Soften their hearts so that they will see Christians no longer as the enemy but as human beings like themselves.  Confuse the communications of those who conspire for evil against your people.
   Lord Jesus, hold each one close to yourself.  Give them courage to face death, if that should be required of them.  Be the great provider for those families whose breadwinner has been killed or imprisoned.  Be the comforter that they need in times of trouble.
  In Jesus name,  Amen

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