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Wednesday, 18 September 2013


Polish First Aid Kit
   I’ve made several trips to the emergency department with my children, but two weeks ago I went there for myself.  I’ve been embarrassed to talk about it because I felt so foolish that a careless encounter with a tin can required four stitches on my left ring finger.  Even though healthcare seems free in Canada, I try to live such that I will not need emergency care until I’m quite a bit older.  I didn’t mind having to wait several hours before the doctor and his student came to attend to my cut.  Gratitude for living a short distance from medical care also came to my mind.  I was well aware that there were more urgent cases than mine; I just hoped I would be able to teach the next morning.     As the doctor explained things to the intern I became aware that I could have damaged nerves or tendons but graciously this had not occurred.
   As the healing process went on I was amazed anew at God’s design for the healing of cuts and broken bones.  After some cleaning up, in most cases all that’s needed is to put the two ends of the severed skin or bone together and wait.  With time the skin grows back together or the bone repairs itself stronger than before.  We take it for granted, but it should be remarkable in our eyes.
   Everyday wonders should be duly noted.  When they are we can see a providential God caring for us down to the small details of our bodies.


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