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Friday, 14 March 2014

Guest Post by Matthias

This piece of writing is in my possession due to providence.  Matthias composed this poem/lyric on a French study sheet in May of 2012, when I noticed it and copied it in a notebook without his knowledge.  The sheet had to be handed it on the day of the test, but somehow it was never returned.  If I had not copied it then, I would not have it today.  For the record, Matthias did give permission for its publication here.
As in a surprise, glory will rise
And with faith beyond the shadow of a doubt,
Many will yet cry out.
But even in that hour
His healing power
Come down to shower
To those who cower;
And lie in wait for him,
Admitting their sin.
Through disaster will bring faith
And the knowledge of escape
Will bring to know
That through the one who sows,
There is fire
And light amidst the seemingly all-occurring darkness.
That still small voice that whispers through the grass
Will not let a single soul pass,
Without the chance to receive everlasting rides in the home he has prepared.
And when all is at doubt
Let Him in, who has always been pushed out.
When lives are at stake,
Many will awake

And question the meaning of life.


  1. I wonder what happened to the study sheet?
    It is truly fortunate that you copied it down; I don't remember ever seeing this poem, and a poem on a french study sheet is always worth a good long look!
    Perhaps we swapped sheets in class and took it up and they were handed back?
    I don't know....

  2. Harriette, thank you for publishing this poem. Matthias, thank you for writing it. I especially like the three lines that begin with, "That still small voice...