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Friday, 21 March 2014

Hand-up for a Ghanaian School

   A friend of mine is temporarily living in Ghana while her husband is employed there on a construction project.  Her four children are attending a Christian elementary school that lacks many of the resources we take for granted in North America.  One great need they have is adequate school desks.  These desks can be made and purchased in Ghana.
   Instead of just asking for money from the outside, the students were brainstorming about how they could raise money for desks.  One Ghanaian girl, aged about twelve, offered her sewing skills for this cause.  She will make small purses (with a zipper and strap) for $2 CDN apiece. 
The purse is 14 cm by 8 cm, with a longer shoulder strap 
She is also willing to makes dresses for $15 CDN.  Dresses can be made to the size of the girl (length & waist measurements) and according to a preferred colour for the skirt and matching bows (give first and second choice).  Based on the design, it appears that the bodice comes only in black.
Summer dress with skirt going down to the knee

Close-up of layered skirt

Close-up of bow

This is where I come in, as an advocate for fair trade and honourably assisting individuals in need.  If you would be interested in ordering one of these items, you may contact me by email harriette.edit@gmail.com.  Arrangements about how to exchange the goods and money will be made on an individual basis.  

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  1. Footnote from the friend in Ghana:
    HAND-UPS at this age (grade 6) lead to a Ghana where children learn the difference between theory and reality of me to WE.

    Ama is from Annakke's class - she works at the market selling her creations.
    So far she has been able to donate 60 Ghana Cedi to her school.

    1 desk = 100 Cedi - 50 dual desks = 5000 Cedi
    Plaster on the addition walls = 400 Cedi
    Cupboards for each class =400 Cedi
    1 polytank for water = 300 Cedi
    3 computers = 900 cedi ( Their last batch was stolen)