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Monday, 19 May 2014

A Few more Favourite (mostly Hand-made) Things

This mirror-frame is one of a few pieces hand carved by my paternal grandfather when he was a young adult. He picked up this hobby when he had to keep vigil overnight at the bedside of an ailing family member.  The detail is incredible and all the more precious because, despite encouragement, he never did any other carving in his later adulthood.  This particular piece was disgraced by one of my aunts, who painted it forest green in the 1970's.  Prior to my marriage, my mother spent many secret hours removing the paint in order to present it to my husband and me as a posthumous wedding gift from my grandfather.

This crocheted cotton-lace curtain in my kitchen window carries the memory of my maternal grandmother who made it many decades ago.  A little bit of Dutch heritage that catches the rising sun each morning.

This wrought iron courting candle was fashioned by my uncle, who has had his own custom welding business.  The idea of a courting candle was that the father would adjust the candle height depending on the approval rating of the boyfriend who had come over to spend time with his daughter.  Once the flame reached the metal, the "date" was over. At my aunt's encouragement this candle holder was one of the first decorative pieces my uncle made, and I continue to be its grateful recipient.

This traditional clay roof tile from a rustic house in the Netherlands somehow made it to Canada.  I took one look at it and said I reminded me of the tablets of the 10 Commandments.  My sister wrote them with calligraphy and made the paper look old.  These are words we live by at my house.

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