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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

A Prayer for Abducted School Girls

How disheartening for the fathers, mothers and siblings of the girls abducted from their school in Borno State, Nigeria last month.  While the authorities may know where they are being held, they are powerless to rescue them.  Dealing with a terrorist group like Boko Haram is incredibly difficult. Like a starfish, when one part is cut off, it seems to grow back.  I invite you to use this prayer as you feel led to plead with God for justice.

Lord of the universe, God who has created each person on every continent in your image, I come to you asking for your mercy for the girls who were stolen from their homes.  For many days and nights they have lived in fear of what their captors will do.  They have been torn from their families and community. All of their security has been taken away.  But in the quietness of their hearts give them courage and strength to go on. Give them hope that You have not abandoned them.  Please, Lord, intervene on behalf of the powerless. Please allow them to escape or be rescued.  Allow Your justice to prevail.

Soften the hearts of the guards and militants who are keeping these girls.  Reawaken their consciences. Reawaken their humanity.  Allow them to see these girls as sisters and daughters rather than as means to selfish ends.  Thwart the evil intents of this group and all terrorist groups.  As at Babel, when men placed their own authority above the true God, confuse their languages and confuse their communication systems. Let each individual member of Boko Haram have his eyes open to the devastation he is causing and let him repent of it.

In Jesus' name, Amen

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