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Monday, 30 June 2014

Motorcycle Ride with a Difference

from the website: http://shore2shore2014.com/
   Between the Great Lakes, a motorcycle ride is raising awareness about the problem of pornography this summer.  From June 29 to July 12 the riders in Shore2Shore WITH A ROAR will stop in the following centres: Kitchener, Strathroy, Dunnville, Ancaster, Belleville, Williamsburg, Lindsay, Clinton, Sarnia and Grand Rapids, Michigan.
They will have gatherings in the communities to start a conversation about a topic not often discussed.
   Sexual images dominate billboards, films and websites.  On top of that, we are becoming desensitized to this content.  The fashion magazines at the check-out line and in doctor's waiting rooms have become more explicit, and yet they are there at the eye level of anyone who can walk.  As mobile devices become the norm for adults and children alike, the access to pornographic material via the internet has never been greater.
   Traditionally a medium that appeals to males, women have sought "equality" here too.  Whether it is images or written content, pornography degrades God's good plan for human sexuality between two committed individuals who love each other.
   It is time for the church to speak out, not just to the "world" but to its own members who have been caught in the destructive grip of pornography and need help.  The motorcyclists who are ROARING against pornography are sharing their stories and encouraging families to talk about how to safeguard their homes and minds.  Like any addiction, pornography initially promises great pleasure at a little cost; however, it eventually takes over one's life and mars marriage or dating relationships.  The message of these riders is also one of hope. It is possible to break free from the grip of porn by the power of the gospel, along with specific help and support.
   It was my family's privilege to provide lodging and breakfast to one couple taking part in this ride.  By staying at home on the Canada Day weekend, we gained the opportunity to support the message the riders are bringing on the roads they travel and the meeting places they enter.

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