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Monday, 17 September 2012

Mixed Motives

   I’m having some trouble with mixed motives.  I ask myself, “Why did you decide to create a blog?”  The answers include having a space to share my stories about God’s amazing provision in my everyday life, to improve my writing, and to encourage others.  However, it becomes very easy to allow the tendency of self-promotion to obscure my vision.  Checking how many page views I have had over the past week and wondering if anyone has commented on one of my posts can get out of hand.
   I’m reminded of Joni Eareckson Tada whose beautiful artwork is sketched or painted by mouth because she was paralyzed from the neck down.  Each time she signed her name on the canvas, she wrote Joni PTL.  PTL (“Praise the Lord”) was her way of acknowledging that what she accomplished was not her own doing but a gift from God.
   Centuries earlier, the gifted musician JS Bach ended his compositions with the letters SDG, Soli Deo Gloria (Latin for “To God alone be the glory”).  He wanted those who appreciated his music to understand his ultimate goal was not self-honour.
   I’m well aware that I am not in the same league as the Christians I have mentioned, but I too need to consciously write my posts with the goal of God being glorified rather than myself.  If any of my posts comes across as self-glorifying, please call me on it.  I know I haven’t “arrived”. 

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  1. Harriette - I want to encourage you to keep up your writing; I have enjoyed reading your thoughts (I wish I had more time to read your blogs regularly) and truly appreciate how you continuously keep the Lord centered in your writing. Adding your own personal experiences allows us to get to know you better (and learn a bit more about the Dutch culture! :) ) Your writing has been honest and refreshing - keep it up! Hugs!