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Friday, 28 September 2012

Seven Days = A Week

   Every fall when I teach my Kindergarten class about the days of creation I am reminded about the anomaly of a seven day “week”  All our other classifications of time are related to something definite in our solar system:
  • A day = 24 hours, the time it takes the earth to rotate once on its axis
  • A month = 28-30 days, roughly the time it takes for the moon to go through all of its phases
  • A quarter/ a season = the times between equinox and solstice, when the earth’s tilt gives us different weather patterns as it circles the sun
  • A year =365 days, the time it takes for a full revolution of the earth around the sun.
   But a week is not like that!  It seems completely arbitrary.  Why not have a ten-day week to match the metric system?  In fact, the architects of the French Revolution tried to do just this because they recognized a seven-day week as an acknowledgement of God and his work in creation.
   The pattern of six days of work plus one day of rest was established by God Himself in the beginning.  Every calendar gives testimony of God’s creation for those with eyes to see it.

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