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Thursday, 7 March 2013

Why I Choose to Live Simply

This week I gave a talk to a small group of women about living simply.  Before getting to the practical tips and ideas of how to live more simply, I thought it was important to show the context for this way of life.  Here it is for you to consider:

First of all, I should define what I mean by simple living.  Recognizing that the North American lifestyle encourages waste and discontent, I strive for a life that is not consumed by material things.  Practically, for me, living simply includes all of the following:
  • Being content with what I already have materially; making do with what I have
  • Having space in my day for prayer, Scripture reading and reflection
  • Cooking from scratch whenever possible; working together in the kitchen
  • Family nights: entertainment at home with games and activities
  • Relying on God instead of endless insurance or alarm systems
  • Not always the easiest or most time saving way of life, but done with purpose
   My husband and I choose to live beneath our means because for us this means less stress and better well-being than running after all the material things the world wants to offer us.  It is a key way that we live out our faith in reliance on God’s provision.  When we are able to spend less money than we earn, we do not stockpile the wealth.  Rather, we have more to share with those in need.  This opportunity to give keeps us motivated to live simply; we see regularly that we can be a vessel God uses to bless others.

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