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Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Windshield Wonder

My fifteen year-old son has been taking a school bus to high school, a 25 minute route that is mostly on an expressway, since September.  Thus far it has been uneventful, apart from the bus driver sleeping in one morning and one-time bus stop made at a coffee shop where all the students disembarked before school to make a purchase.
   Yesterday at supper time, however, he told us about something more dramatic.  On the highway, fairly close to the end of the route, there was a cube van in front of them and in the lane to their right.  Chunks of ice were coming loose from its roof and landing on the road.  One chunk actually hit the windshield of the bus with a “thunk” and cracked it, sending a few pieces of glass into the bus. 
   Providentially, the bus driver was calm and unharmed.  He was able to maintain his  speed and  presence of mind until they reached their destination.  These kinds of incidents remind me that praying for safety is not to be done flippantly, for the Lord does watch over our comings and goings much more than we are usually aware.

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