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Monday, 21 July 2014

Two Narratives

   This poem springs from ideas shared in a sermon by Pastor John M. entitled "God is Provider."

Economics is based on scarce resources
Supply and demand are its driving forces.
"There's not enough to go around--
Take what you can while it can be found."
"What you want is more and more;
Fill each cupboard and each drawer."
"Without drive you will miss out
Be prepared, like a good boy scout."
"College is expensive; retirement will await;
Use all your assets to accumulate."
                                                      A different way to see the earth
Begins in the wonder of our birth.
Parents, milk, a bed and care,
Clothes and food enough to share.
Neighbors smile and stop to chat;
The church puts out its welcome mat
With a new vision of life to grant--
A Lord whose ways are extravagant.
Using a boy's lunch to feed a throng
And lavish grace to convert the headstrong.

Etched on a coin: "In God we Trust"
All hoarding is subject to moth and rust 

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